High and small light tops

Do you want to have a successful look and which puts to you at ease? The small high one is the essential one of your dressingroom. Do you like them short or does length, in version top to accompany a Jean cut high or mini shorts? Discover our selection.

Find the docker that you need

When the weather is hot, the dockers are the ideal. They are the time simple and pleasant to carry. Without forgetting that they are high tendencies, in particular when they are decorated laces, reasons or are printed. According to your morphology, you can choose them full or close to the body. Is the weather cold? Do not forget that the dockers can also slip under a blouse, a shirt or even a large waistcoat.

A part impossible to circumvent! Regarded as a “basic” top, the docker is a part which it is necessary to have in your wardrobe. He can harmonize himself with any type of clothing: skirt, trousers, shorts, etc It is also declined under all the styles: with fine straps to reveal your shoulders, with collar V for a classical look, with an escutcheon with the chest for a style more fashion, etc.

Colourful dockers

Top docker proposes to you a wide selection of colour for better answering your desires. A soft look, choose blue or to instigate your silhouette, choose it pink. Or, choose the docker with fine straps purple to propose your femininity…. Now, it is with you to play!

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