T-shirt striped and marine

If there is perenially fashionable in the closet of the women, are well the stripes. Of all the forms, all the colors, in top, t-shirt or even out of sweater, the stripe is impossible to circumvent wardrobe of the women like men.

The t-shirt striped and marine with known so far to remain basic, at the same time timeless and perenially fashionable. Many stars one made mythical: of James Dean with Pablo Picasso, via John Lennon and Brigitte Bardot.

Discover our models to perfect your look!

Famous winner combination of the striped t-shirt and the Jean

The best manner and simplest to carry your striped top, it is obviously with the good old man Jean. It does not matter the color of the stripes, your t-shirt will join to perfection with the denim. Right Jean or slim, with you to choose the model whom you prefer, that who suits you best or that in top form of the tendency. And the come summer, you can quite naturally accompany it by small shorts as a Jean or by a skirt. Do not forget to associate it with compensated sandals or a pair of Spartans, a jewel imagination around the neck and a splendid accessory in your hair. It will be ideal for an go out with the beach, like one day shopping between girlfriend.

A striped docker of all the colors

If you like the stripes on the t-shirt other than the stripes blue and white, the tops that we present to you here will be able to fill you perfectly. There is of all the colors and for all the tastes. Stripes red and black, red and white, pink and black…, the combinations are numerous. According to his colors, this docker will be perfect with black or white leggings. And do not forget especially the accessories!

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