New Eivissa collection

New Ibiza collection

The Spanish fashion makes speak of it since more of 40 years, and his/her/its renown today is not altered not at all. And Ibiza is on the subject a real ambassadress of Spain, the fashion is there everywhere present.

This high-place of the fashion attracts the throw set besides from all over the world.

Ibiza collection at Topdébardeur

The Spring arrives and with him a new collection of ready-to-wear. The new Spanish collection is therefore very waited, notably the Ibiza collection, knowing that all creators trend implant themselves of it. A festive collection

Ibiza, it is the Spanish fashion, that is to say a fashion a few bohemian, festive and that cooks up a little with flamenco. She/it remains however chic, it is the style hippie chic Ibiza!

The colors of the new collection are there sometimes neutral chic, they radiate and the white is to honor.It is therefore a simple fashion but that wants to be all the same sensual and feminine. A collection very feminine Ibiza

Ibiza, let's not forget that it is the authenticity and the traditional customs.

The elegance is there as required.

And for this summer the femininity and the grace will be there very present with fluid and silken matters, with notably the dresses and tunics made of muslin: a treat for the women in quest of lightness and elegance!

The fashion plays a lot on the transparency but also on the asymmetry and the wheel. The Spanish fashion benefits from this.

Strongly the summer to be able to try everything.

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