Long tunics and kimonos

Our selection of tunics for women not expensive

That it is hot or even cold, the tunic is perenially fashionable of our days or our evenings.

Floral printed papers form with the colors flashy, bi--matters or fluids, cuts right, indented or asymmetrical… On our site, they are declined in a wide selection of styles and colour. Among our wide selection of tunics for woman or long tunics step expensive, you will inevitably find the docker long who agrees to you, without ruining itself.

The tunic, always with the last style

Perenially fashionable, the tunic for woman is “ultra must-cuts it” for a look tendency in summer as in spring, but also in winter. Timeless, this part will easily find its niche in the dressingroom, whatever the season.

Then, how to carry the tunic?

For a relaxed look, the tunic Marie with wonder with a legging and compensated sandals. It goes way tee-shirt over size then, above a Jean or even of shorts. In the case of a long tunic, the ideal would be to associate it with one sticking opaque 60 sums of money, this has the advantage of refining the silhouette and have more flattering than the legging. On the other hand, a short tunic should be carried with fittés jeans (slim, skinny…). Result: legs bent well for a resolutely female look.

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