Dockers tendencies and Shirt makers

The docker is a top which can marry with any type of trousers, of short or long skirt, of shorts or lace. They bring a little femininity, emphasize the body and are of an unequalled comfort. A key additional mode.

When to carry dockers?  More classical dockers tendencies or, a clothing, a top to carry the every day.

In winter, to heat a light or transparent shirt or of color, the docker is the ideal. As of spring, the docker suffices himself for itself, sometimes classical or with a waistcoat the evening during the colder days to heat it. The docker can join any behaviour. According to your morphology, you will choose it longer or shorter, with reason or plain, full or close to the body, etc.

Which model docker to choose according to his morphology?

The dockers are clothing which adapts to any type of body, however it is important to know its silhouette not to make an error for its wardrobe. Round, mean or of mean size, there exist dockers for all the women. The docker with fringe allows to dissimulate certain zones, there or the lace docker will reveal others of them. The docker at wheel for example is adapted to all the women, because it dissimulates the size and reveals the shoulders and the low neckline. Take time to discover all our models.

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