Basic tops for woman

Being able to be appropriate for all the styles, the top lends itself to all the looks. It does not matter its color, you will always take a fine and tempting form while carrying it!

The top woman, the vestimentary element impossible to circumvent

In summer, the top counts among the main vestimentary parts of the dressingroom. Timeless and sexy, it can be declined various colors, according to your moods and your desires. The top became over the years timeless because it can adapt to all: trousers, skirt, shorts or Jean. It is besides what is worth its success to him. Moreover, it is appropriate for all the tendencies, energy of the knack to Bohemian, via the casual.

According to your morphology and your held, choose the rather plain one or with reason. If you choose the white top woman, marry it for example with a printed skirt. With the black plain top, exploit the forms while carrying it with a Jean over size.

The Councils to carry the top for woman correctly

When you carry a top, do not neglect especially the choice of the bra which you will wear in lower part. Choose one which emphasizes perfectly your bust. Avoid the bra whose features are noticed over your top. A look of the every day but a little more original, choose the red plain top or the pink top for woman.

In summer period, the top will never make you false jump. Thus, the ideal would be to have different models and different colour, which you will be able to carry under a waistcoat in winter and only the summer.

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