The top of the accessories here sunglasses Top débardeur.To adapt with your behaviour preferred or a wide-brimmed hat not to be considering, but to notice.


We have all one even of sunglasses. To protect itself/themselves indeed either just to perfect a look, it became a real accessory that we exhibit proudly, since the first days of the spring arrived. Of where they come and how to choose them, here are two questions to which us are going to answer.

Of the answer to a need to an inescapable accessory of fashion

Few people know it but the first sunglasses is American. In the beginning of the years 1930, the army asks an optician to create solar glasses to the very filterable glasses, to help the pilots facing a quick light. The Hollywood actors also ask for the protections against the too quick lights of the filming trays. The first sunglasses is therefore more useful than aesthetic. Before the movies and music don't pass by there.

In the beginning, the American heroes inspire the trends with the models that they carry in their movies as the famous model" eye of cat" of Grace Kelly. Then, it is the big time of the rock and his/her/its influence makes itself feel on the shapes and the colors of the glasses. One dares the quick colors, of the eccentric shapes. One tries to be different of the other and the sunglasses permit it.

Today, a return to the fashions of the past

Nowadays, all marks of solar can nearly propose us a range infinite of models. Not to get lost, it is necessary to keep that to make in the original, the fashion is already to the old-fashioned rounded model since several years. For the more classic models, these are always the dateless Ray-proclamation that excels because they go to more of 70% of the morphologies. It is in short a sure value!

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