Small pockets with shoulder-belt

In the additional range, you can find several styles of small pockets with shoulder-belt for woman, original and comfortable, our small pockets are added out of accessory with several tops of our collection or your preferred behaviour. You will find small pocket hippie style, of other more classical or with reasons for a reasonable price, made you pleasure!

Sleeve woman

The sleeve, feminine accessory constituted of a light case, is a bag that carries itself to the hand. Of a narrow enough largueur, she/it can only contain a number limited of objects, the strict minimum and useful to the women. Is this type of bag then in the fashion of our days? On what occasion does she/it predestine himself? What are the different sorts of sleeves for woman and what objects could contain in this bag?

The sleeve, a fashionable bag

This small bag is truly fashionable. That it is for an exceptional opportunity (marriage, baptism...) or just to appear beautiful and class to one evening, she/it is very frequently range. Besides, she/it suits a girl as well that to a lady.

The sleeve, a bag destined for the evenings

The sleeve doesn't carry itself at all hour. Usually used to finalize a beautiful holding, a woman especially uses some to act as accessory to one evening. To hold a sleeve in the hand will give him indeed at a time a pace chic and elegant. That it was therefore about a cocktail, one dancing evening or one evening in head to head, a small sleeve to the hand will make the business.

The different sorts of sleeve

Numerous are the different types of sleeve for woman. They differ according to the opportunity. There is the cool and sporty sleeve. It is one bag-sleeve to the aspect "sport" that will award you a young and agreeable side. One also recovers the modern sleeves and structured that are the most often intended to the organized women hyper. This type of sleeve is to multiusage and adapt to all sorts of holding. Come then the sleeves glamour. It is the sleeve ideal for a true modeuse. She/it makes think that his/her/its owner is a little immaterial and that she is dependent of the man who accompanies it. Finally, the romantic sleeve.

The sleeve, small but practices

It is not necessary to trust the size of a sleeve. In spite of his/her/its small dimension, the sleeve is a very convenient bag. She/it has an appropriate surface to welcome some personal objects that are indispensable to the women. They can for example, there to slip their trousseau of keys, their wallet, their cell phone or better yet their palette of makeup so that they can adorn themselves at the time of one evening to which they are invited.

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