Hats wide-brimmed hat

Capelines and half capelines

Inescapable adornment of the bourgeois women of the XIXème century that liked to stroll thus combed, the capelines and half capelines crossed the centuries to reappear until today. Of confection of straw to the origin, the capeline and half capeline will be thereafter worked in raffia, wool or feutrine.

Capelines and half capelines: a pedigree.

To the Middle Ages, it is in particular the farmers' that the port of the capeline becomes widespread in order to protect itself/themselves of the sun in full labor. Prosaic synonym of hat, she/it is prepared the most often enough summarily therefore of straw to ends protective and no of adornment. It is only to the price of the decades, that this feminine atour is going to become an aesthetic priming garment by the comfortable women, since the XIXème century in the bourgeois sphere.

Of the seventies to our days...

 More close to us, it is under the fire of the rail that the capeline is going to throw back his/her/its popularity by the women in the famous film" The damsels of Rochefort ". Indeed, carried by Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac, the capeline becomes again coveted by the feminine race that himself éprend of escape and taste for the elegance. The women appreciate this accessory of fashion prepared in sizes and the different shapes more and more: capeline or half capeline delight all tastes.

 Thus, capelines and half capelines crossed the times and the social layers before exposing itself/themselves these last years on the parades, and to be present by all well-known hatters.

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