Additional hair

You can also find the pretty ones tightens metal head, black shining or mottled chestnut mahogany tree, adapted to each shape of head, our greenhouse head gives a key elegance to your hairstyle.

Accessories hairs

To have a mane of dream, don't hesitate to put it in beauty. That you opted for a headband, of the barrettes, a twistband, of the rubber bands or simply of the clamps, these accessories are going to sublimate your hairdressing undoubtedly. What accessories to choose for a hippie look, bling bling or chic? We are going to make a point on the best accessories hairs.

According to the évènementses, what accessories hairs to choose?

To have a hairdressing to the bip of the trend, the accessories are of the inescapable. Trends, you will have the embarrassment of the choice to find the one that to perfection twistera your hair of dream. Dependently of the circumstances, one tells you everything to select the accessory the more adapted. For life of every day therefore, opt for a headband version velvet or vinyl, of the small clamps to hair or bobby pines for more of discretion and originality or a hairband, master key. In evening or for the New Year's Eve parties, privilege some accessories for hair to strass or spangled. Bet on a headband, a crown or a tiara, as well as of the attachments chic and elegant not to pass unobserved.

Give the style to your hair with headbands, the scarfs and ribbons

Perfect for a look" easy going ", the hairdressings with headband are a lot of trend. That you decided to adopt it way chignon, beach hairdressing with headband or hairdressing of evening accessorized, the headband is your best asset hairdressing. According to the measurements of your scarf, you will be able to use it way turban or recovering fat hair for example.

Bring the pep to your hair with twistbands and rubber bands

Exit the classic ponytails and opt for a very original ponytail. For that to make, bet on twistbands to bring more color to your hairdressing. It is the ideal partner of the sportswomen and girls who adores to attach their hair with originality. If you don't want to damage your hair, bet on the invisibobble that will leave no marks on your beautiful hair.

Adopt a royal hairdressing with a headband, the crowns or diadems

Forget the small clamps and the barrettes, and transform yourselves in princess with accessories for hair style Kate Middleton. That it is in day or the time of one evening, you will be the most beautiful. In spring-summer, you will even adopt a pretty crown of flowers to put in city or to the beach.

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