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Smart docker


Whatever is the opportunity, a chic tank top has its charm on a woman. Thus, that it is once for one evening or an exit the beautiful days arrived, a woman wants to feel beautiful and trained with a chic tank top.
A tank top for woman for a look perfects

To short sleeves, with beautiful colors and close to the body, has the tank top ideal for a woman. A chic tank top can have the detailed finishes, with the lace, or in different colorations that perfectly ally for a look casual. To work, in evening or in walk, a woman will be to the bip of the tendency, present with a chic tank top. A woman likes to feel watched, and to know that his/her/its taste for the beautiful clothes is appreciated, appealing thus the jealousies of the other women on it. In cotton, polyester, lace either mixing different matters a vast choice exists for a tank top woman.

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New Eivissa collection

We propose at Bip tank top of the theme of fashion or models in a collection.Here is a Spanish fashion of traditional Ibiza, to try absolutely!

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Docker tunic

Magnificent tank top tunic tendency

Are you in search of a small top tendency and friendly to carry? Why opt not for a tank top tunic?

The tank top tunic, the indispensable of the dressing-room!

By what he/it makes a friendly silhouette, the tank top tunic must absolutely be part of your cabinet. Indeed, this garment is available in a large palette of colorations and motives, in the goal to harmonize a maximum with a skirt, a trousers or a shorts. Some exists indeed for all tastes!

Procure yourselves the colorations that you like, to be always fashion, quickly!

This tank top is worn either of classic way, without any accessory, but it will be enhanced very better, accessorized of a pretty fine belt, in neutral tones (black, brown, among others), and, according to the coloration or motive, of a big necklace trains chain.

To carry to the daily, but also for your evenings! Associate to a matter classifies with spangles, sequins, motives fashion, coloration however or other, he/it will make a perfect top to be the most beautiful of the evening!

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Other dockers

Dockers with a key mode super tendency with shorts, jeans, a slim or leggings. Mix the colors and are in top form.

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Linked top with fine straps

Here the timeless ones and the perenially fashionable ones, tops with fine straps linked, only in summer, with a small waistcoat in spring or like invisible under a smart docker or tunic. Impossible to circumvent

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To flash on our dockers tendencies and coloured

Small tops tendencies, flowered, with reason escutcheon or sailor, for the key of originality that you need.

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Jewels INIA are of top quality out of stainless steel or out of money 925, they are refined and discrete for a woman mode and his elegance

They are certified anti allergic and without nickel

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Elegant watches

Watches INIA are Japanese, a mechanism with any test and a simple and refined elegance. They are watches bracelet to be carried like jewels.

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Wide-brimmed hats

Here our Hat wide-brimmed hat or half wide-brimmed hat for give a style to your behaviour. For spring and even the winter, the wide-brimmed hat gives a key mode for modern women

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Greenhouses heads

Greenhouse head out of metal, resin or mahogany tree, you can choose to embellish your hairstyle

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Small pockets woman

The small pockets women, hippie” or more classical style “with different color, like accessories with your behaviour preferred.

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