Modes of payment

Secure means of payment

For the payment, you have the possibility of paying by PAYPAL, the bank transaction is 100% secure, your banking data are encrypted and invisible for us, the opening of the account is optional, i.e. that you can pay your order without creating of account, it is enough for you to return your numbers of CB “AIMED, CB. MASTERCARD etc. “and to validate the payment, the transaction remains secure by paypal.

 The paypal payment allows in the event of litigation of you protect and to require a full repayment in the event of litigation. (object not received for example).

However it is preferable to open an account at paypal that is free and makes it possible to keep its accounts up to date and from benefit from all the advantages Paypal, an additional advantage (as a purchaser, you do not pay any commission or other expenses). Moreover, you are protected in paypal mode even if you do not create an account.

We also accept the payment by BITPAY. You to buy of Bitcoints on site BITPAY and to carry out you the payment with your bitcoints, one does not ask you for a card number and the system is entirely secure

The payment by transfer is accepted, easy and rapid you will find on the page of payment the banking information of Top débardeur.