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The gifts beauties make fury with Christmas

(Relaxnews) - According to a Toluna survey for magazine LSA, more two thirds (68.3%) of the French offer at least a product care and beauty to a member of their family with Christmas. It is 2.4% of more than in 2015.

In the products which progressed the most for this December 25th, 2016, one finds the products bath/shower (+4%), the make-up of the lips (+3.3%), the perfumes woman (+3.2%) and the creams care of the body (+2.4%).

Like every year, in fact the perfumes are the articles stars in the field of the care and the beauty. The perfumes woman are chosen by 36.9% of the purchasers and the perfumes man by 28.2%.

In this war of the perfumes woman, Dior keeps the head before Chanel. It is indeed “I adore” who precede "NR 5”. Guerlain, with “the Small Black dress”, arrives in 3rd position. “Coconut” of Chanel is 4th and “the life is beautiful” of Lancôme is 5th.

On the side of the perfumes man, the head is always occupied by “Bottled Boss” of Hugo Boss and “Savage” of Dior. “Hugo Man” of Hugo Boss is also on the podium of the sales. “Blue of Chanel” and “the Male” of Jean Paul Gaultier supplement this top 5.

The survey Toluna QuickSurveys was carried out on Internet in France near 2005 people of more than 18 years.


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Visit of France television

France 5 assists with an event of the haute couture “the (French) Treasury of the Haute couture” on December 22nd at the evening

A journalist of France television left to the meeting the houses haute couture as well as the small hands which manufacture the part to be carried.

The televiewers will be able to discover the lower parts of the manufacturing of the parts of the processions during the famous ones “fashions week”. 

The various trades of the haute couture are part of our cultural heritage (plisseurs, dressmakers, embroiderers…). These trades evolved in the course of time for the requirements in various art directors of the big houses of seam


The flowered reason, the new tendency

The topic Carpe diem insufflates a wind of freshness and greediness in the reasons. The sweetened colors inform the good share fruity textures and with the purified floral compositions. 

The drawn flowers are worked in bucolic branches with black reasons and white They are structured delicately and geometrical to form reasons placed on all fabric, coloured and tendencies sometimes minimalists or in abundances, the flowered style returns your behaviour spring for the days of summer.

Top mode et tendance en noir et rouge haut femme avec motif elastique au col et au bas du top pas cher 3 1

The lingerie

The lingerie today do not have any more one momentary fashion but becomes a tendency which lasts and which falls under the creation of the ready-made clothes of tomorrow. The bodystocking filled the stalls with collection of lingerie as well as the corsetieres dedicated to the signs.

One has the choice of Cosabella bodystocking or Implicit or of another signs like Oysho like marks like Pierlot, the lingerie becomes a must of the collections, it widened its range and his uses in particular one can carry it like a top, into invisible to emphasize the back or the low neckline. That also makes it possible to release from the sales complementary or additional what is compatible with the purchases of clothing or other accessories according to the taste of each one and the desire always to like. 


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To know

Clothing woman and clothing man two kinds two styles

We have two universes in the fashion the female fashion and the male fashion, there is a difference between clothing woman and clothing man, this is distinctive in our Western companies, although the current fashion finds common points between the female fashion and that male

Clothing testifies one time, to a civilisation with these manners and these codes, in that it expresses the feeling and the personality of the person who creates it and that which carries it, consciously or unconsciously clothing is vector of a speech, a dialogue (transmitting, receiving) and a subject. A speech established on the argumentation and the criticism and which poses analyses and reflections on the clothing of today. It is the concept clothing to carry in our Western companies.

THERE are ladies' garments which merge with men's clothes and conversely.

One notices for certain parts like the dresses, the trousers, shirts etc…. the men as the women carry them all (Kilts in Scotland, lawyer the dresses, diner suits for the women). The difference of style, matters, and components differentiates the female kind and the male kind

However, it is difficult to imagine a dress to wear a dress to flower without causing bursts of laughter, these mockeries are the result of the sociological behavior compared to the vestimentary style in certain companies of which ours. There are interdicts, taboos which one can exceed only with the general approval of all. Our dress codes evolve but the barrier between the female one and the masculine, the dress man and the dress woman, between the difference between clothing woman and clothing man are registered for good and a long time in the social codes of today. There is a kind of self-censorship which the evolution of our companies accentuates on the fact of ethical morals and the rules that imposes to us our religious principles, sociological, cultural and traditional.

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The wheel, the new turn

Clothes flying, new tendency.

The wheel returns to the mode, frou frou and elegance, one is released on clothing flying, evening dress, tops at wheels or tunic. All is office with extravagance in winter as in summer, the wheel is essential by its originality and its desire of seduction.

The wheels flee interpretation first degrees to project itself in a universe in extreme cases of the theatrical one. Sometimes baroque or classical, one has fun to allure with the flying style, but we also like it when it gives spirit to timeless, small Dior dress, shirt maker or dockers. It remains of good taste and surely moment.

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