Clothing woman, collection of dockers woman and accessories.

Tank top woman

To choose a tank top woman is not as comfortable as we could think it. Indeed, between the choice of the colors, of matter, of the shape, the women must to find an unique and original tank top.

A tank top woman trained and chic

Because every woman has a different morphology, it is important to find the model that invites him: close to the body, large to the detailed and tidy finishes.




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For a relaxed look, dockers linked, with reasons or flowered.

Dockers woman, marine tops, with pink escutcheon or reason butterfly


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 Welcome on the shop Top débardeur


Top débardeur you reception; our shop presents several clothing woman not expensive, simple and elegant, there are dockers to carry in all circumstances or for all occasions. Our priority “satisfaction customer”

We show you our collection Top débardeur, of the clothes for all the styles, the linked dockers, with flowered reason, reason escutcheon, sailor or reason writing, of the smarter tops which goes with modern leggings and tendencies, relaxed jeans or a skirt. The docker is essential, practical and simple, also tendency with details lace or pretty printed papers form. One can choose it stretch, close to the body, under a blouse like invisible or fuller, broad to carry above. One also cracks for nice low necklines in back which makes discover the silhouette, and the fluid, light and comfortable matters, a must for spring or the summer.

From spring at the winter, the dockers do not leave your shoulders. Impossible to circumvent have all you to like these clothes, of the matters pleasant and comfortable, pretty forms and very beautiful reasons and printed. The dockers woman of our shop are clothing of sexiest. Most perenially fashionable are certainly the smart dockers or tunics, manufactured in Italy, France or China, they lend themselves to all the styles or all the behaviours. The dockers with fine straps give the key sexy and female, it draws the chest.

We present also Top or dockers equipped for the evenings, or with the models to the collar beaded for a connected and smart look. Some with the collar V to be more strict and classify, or with round collar to emphasize the top of the bust. Choose? 

Married your clothing woman with accessories; small pockets, hats, watches, additional hair or jewels original. Discrete and refined our jewels and our accessories bring a key mode to your look, You can discover our selection of accessories at Top débardeur.

You can carry a top or a top of our collection with held sportswear or equipped. I hope that you tighten content with your purchases, while hoping to re-examine you to benefit from the loan to carry Top débardeur. Good shopping!


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